Our Projects

See what we have been able to do for some of our amazing clients

Kitchen Renovation

Bayside Home Cabinetry, Victoria Point

This exquisite cabinetry project in a prestigious bayside home in Victoria Point is a testament to the fusion of form and function. The homeowner sought a flawless transition from the main kitchen to the butler’s pantry. To realize this vision, structural modifications were undertaken, including wall removal and addition, all executed by licensed builders.

What truly set this project apart was our meticulous approach: from ingenious cabinet designs, optimal layouts, to innovative storage solutions. A highlight of this undertaking was our precision-crafted servery window that integrates seamlessly into the space.

No detail was spared in ensuring premium quality. The cabinetry boasts state-of-the-art Blum hardware, coupled with luxurious satin 2pac finishes. Complementing our craftsmanship is the use of superior stone sourced from YDL Stone, reinforcing the commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Laundry Renovation

The Natural Laundry Project, Jindalee

Nestled in the suburban heart of Jindalee, we transformed an underutilized space for a professional couple into a functional and visually arresting laundry room. It was imperative not just to maximize utility but also to craft a space that was a visual delight.

Harmony in colors and textures was central to our design philosophy for this project. Every element, from cabinetry to countertops, was meticulously chosen to ensure a cohesive and seamless blend.

Key components included the durable and sleek Blum hardware and the refined aesthetics of the Polytec Smooth Finish Board. Topping off our design was the unmatched quality of YDL stone, a testament to our commitment to using only the best materials.

Kitchen Renovation

Elegant Bayside Kitchen, Thornlands

In the scenic suburb of Thornlands, we had the privilege of crafting a kitchen that radiates both elegance and awe. Our discerning clients envisioned a kitchen that wasn’t just functional but also made a bold statement.

A hallmark of this design was the integration of a classic butler’s style sink, seamlessly blending with the cabinetry. The kitchen further boasts bespoke pantry doors, revealing a spacious walk-in pantry within, ensuring both style and utility are in harmony.

Elevating the aesthetics, the profiled panels wrapping the island introduce an added layer of sophistication. Every detail was pondered over – exemplified by the meticulous color matching of power points on the island, ensuring they complement the island’s hue, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to detail and design integrity.